What We Do

The Oyster Bay/Cold Spring Harbor Protection Committee enables the participating local governments to efficiently work together to implement best management practices, improve water quality, enhance habitats and engage the public in stewardship activities.

 Current Activities

  1. Community Oyster Gardening - to increase awareness of and connection to Oyster Bay and Cold Spring Harbor the Protection Committee has been working since 2017 with the Village of Laurel Hollow, Friends of the Bay, the Town of Oyster Bay, Cornell Cooperative Extension, North Oyster Bay Baymen's Association, Frank M. Flower and Sons Oyster Company, and numerous community organizations (i.e. scouts, schools, clubs, churches) to undertake a community shellfish gardening project for residents.

  2. GET PUMPED! - The C.E.S.S.P.O.O.L. Project (Coordinated Environmental Solutions for Septic Problems Occurring on Long Island) is a joint effort with the Manhasset Bay and Hempstead Harbor Protection Committees, the Town of Oyster Bay and Friends of the Bay to increase awareness of and encourage action to properly maintain onsite wastewater treatment systems (i.e. cesspools and septic systems). Visit our web site www.getpumpedli.org and like GET PUMPED! Long Island on Facebook. 

  3. Pet Waste Management - we are encouraging our neighbors to "Scoop the Poop". Dog waste is not only inconvenient to step in but it can impair our local waterways by adding nutrients and pathogens (disease causing organisms) that can cause algal blooms and close our beaches and shellfish beds. Like Scoop the Poop Long Island on Facebook.

  4. Resident Canadian Geese Management - implementing watershed wide plan to reduce the impact of waterfowl on water quality through education (i.e. Don't Feed the Waterfowl) and population control (i.e. egg oiling).

  5. Stewardship Activities- together we can all make a difference through beach clean-ups, invasive species removal, marsh grass plantings, and other activities to keep Oyster Bay and Cold Spring Harbor beautiful.