Water Quality Monitoring Photo Album

Thank you for helping keep an eye Oyster Bay and Cold Spring Harbor!

Friends of the Bay’s Water Quality Monitoring Program is an important component of our efforts to protect the Oyster Bay/Cold Spring Harbor estuary and surrounding watershed.  They also serve to increase public awareness of local threats to water quality.  This program was developed in cooperation with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Environmental Protection Agency, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, local governments and other citizen monitoring groups around Long Island Sound.

Friends of the Bay monitors 19 open water body locations within Cold Spring Harbor, Oyster Bay Harbor and Mill Neck Creek.  Each site is monitored once per week (April through October) weather and tide permitting, for dissolved oxygen, bacteria, salinity, temperature, pH and clarity.  Nitrogen samples are collected once per month for analysis.

This program was was initiated in the late 1990s to continue data collection efforts that were cancelled due to county funding cuts.  Friends of the Bay considers this program a necessary component in the effort to preserve, protect and restore the Oyster Bay/Cold Spring Harbor complex.  In 2006, Friends of the Bay received a Quality Assurance Project Plan from the Environmental Protection Agency.  This program enables trained citizen scientists working alongside Friends of the Bay staff to monitor the marine ecosystem.

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