Water Quality

“The Birches”
a.k.a. “Continental Villa” – Removing sewage

In the spring of 2011, after decades of having inadequately treated sewage discharge into Mill Neck Creek (a.k.a Oak Neck Creek), 30 homes will be connected to the Glen Cove Sewage Treatment Plant. According to the Non-Point Contamination Source Study commissioned by the Village of Bayville, remediating this situation combined with the nonpoint source controls through separate road drainage projects will significantly improve water quality in Mill Neck Creek.

Historic data and ongoing water quality monitoring data from Nassau County Department of Health, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Friends of the Bay’s volunteer water quality monitoring program (see Public Involvement below) will document the impact of investments in these waters which are currently closed to shellfishing.

Turtle Cove – Shellfish beds Reopened

Tucked in the northeast corner of Oyster Bay Harbor just east of Centre Island Beach is an area known as Turtle Cove. As a direct result of the Town of Oyster Bay and the Village of Centre Island’s stormwater mitigation projects water quality has greatly improved allowing 18 acres to be reopened to shellfishing.