Home Wastewater Systems (Cesspools, Septics, Innovative)

Get Pumped! Long Island - Web site developed by the Manhasset, Hempstead Harbor and Oyster Bay/Cold Spring Harbor Protection Committees, the Town of Oyster Bay and Friends of the Bay provides homeowners with accurate information and guidance to keep their Home Wastewater Systems functioning reliably while saving money and protecting our precious water.

A Homeowners Guide to Septic Systems - US EPA fifteen (15) page guide.

The Impact of Septic Systems on the Environment - (PDF Format, 2 pages) Long Island Sound Study Fact Sheet

Pipeline: Maintaining Your Septic System - A Guide for Homeowners - National Environmental Services Center Fall 2004 Newsletter from West Virginia University Research Center is an excellent resource for homeowners with onsite wastewater systems.

Septic System Checkup: The Rhode Island Handbook for Inspection - (PDF Format, 813k, 123 pages, University of Rhode Island) How should septic systems be maintained? How can one determine if a given septic system is working when purchasing a home? Septic System Checkup  answers these questions by providing state-recommended standards for evaluating and maintaining septic systems that serve residences in Rhode Island.
Center for Clean Water Technology - The New York State Center for Clean Water Technology at Stony Brook University was borne out of a local problem – nitrogen contamination of our groundwater and surface water.  The goal is to marshal the best science and engineering to develop and commercialize innovative solutions to protect our waters regionally, and beyond. The Center is initially focused on Long Island's urgent need for enhanced individual onsite wastewater treatment.
Advanced Onsite Technology Products Approved by State - (US EPA Web Site) Various states have reviewed and approved advanced treatment solutions for use in decentralized wastewater systems. EPA’s Decentralized Wastewater Management Program has compiled information on the alternative technology products that have been approved by state as a resource for states and industry professionals to learn about different state approval lists and approval processes, and to better promote the research, development, and implementation of new advanced treatment technologies.